Working From Home

On Tuesday, the First Minister’s statement says that, from the end of January, guidance on working from home will still advise against a ‘wholesale return to the office’. This policy is counter to the policy of the UK Government, which is now advising a return to the office for workers in England, now that Omicron wanes and the correlation between infection and death appears to have been broken by the UK Government’s vaccine rollout.

While some people will still want to work from home, this will not be true of all employers across Scotland. For many businesses, this option is unfeasible for their business to work effectively, as working from home is not an option. This is especially true for businesses in food, accommodation, and retail which have been particularly badly hit by the latest round of restrictions. Many of these businesses have been hit with a double blow by this, as they rely on workers being in the office and back in our town and city centres.

The Scottish Government has shown throughout the pandemic that they have failed to understand the needs of business, either through a lack of support over the creation of regulations, or their failure to get business support out the door. 

The Scottish Conservatives believe that the decision to return to work should be left up to employers and workers. They are the ones who best understand what their businesses need, and we believe the Scottish Government should trust their judgement on protecting their employees and themselves from the spread of coronavirus.