Water aid and climate change

The Scottish Conservatives believe few things are as urgent as tackling the climate emergency and preventing its disastrous consequences for people all over the world, and so we support Scotland reaching net zero emissions by 2045. We also recognise that Scotland has faced unacceptable biodiversity loss in recent decades.
I accept that climate change is making extreme-weather events and droughts more likely, and putting water supplies at risk. Every human being has a right to clean drinking water.
I am proud that as part of the UK, Scotland contributes to the third-largest aid budget in the world. This funding, as well as combatting hunger and educating girls, is helping countries around the world turn the tide against climate change and species loss. And after COP26, it was announced that the UK Government would double the UK’s spend on international climate finance (ICF). We can achieve so much more when we work together – across the UK, Europe and the world.
As an example, the UK government’s £1 billion Ayrton Fund will help British scientists and innovators create new technology to help developing countries reduce their emissions and meet global climate change targets. Other funding is supporting early warning systems in poor communities vulnerable to extreme weather events like droughts or floods which can give people extra hours, days or even weeks to prepare for an impending humanitarian crisis or disaster.