Vote of confidence in the Prime Minister

A vote of confidence in a Conservative Party Leader may be triggered by 15% of Conservative MPs writing to the Chair of the 1922 Committee to express their lack of confidence in the Party Leader.

On the 6th of June, Sir Graham Brady announced that the threshold had been reached and so a vote of confidence in the Prime Minister was held later that day. The result was that 211 MPs voted Yes to express that they did have confidence in the Prime Minister and 148 MPs voted No to express that they did not have confidence.

It is a difficult decision for any Conservative MP to vote against a sitting Conservative Prime Minister in a confidence vote. Douglas Ross did not seek to bring this confidence vote about at this time. He has said that it would be wrong to hold a vote of confidence while the ongoing war in Ukraine is at a crucial stage.

However, as a ballot of Conservative MPs was being held, he voted that he did not have confidence. This was in line with his own previously expressed view and to represent his constituents’ deep anger towards Boris Johnson’s breaking of Covid rules.

The focus of the Scottish Conservative Party will continue to be on holding the SNP Government to account and on building Scotland’s real alternative to remove them from power. We will work closely with the UK Conservative Government to achieve this, as we always have.