Vaccine Passports

Thank you for contacting me about vaccine passports.

I am incredibly proud of the progress that the UK is making in vaccinating the population, with more than 32 million people now having had at least one vaccine dose. We are making great strides in the race against coronavirus thanks to our NHS, Armed Forces, volunteers and the high levels of uptake from the British public.

We would scrutinise any such plans carefully to ensure that concerns around individual freedoms would not be breached. So far, we are yet to be convinced.

This idea will be determined by what other countries are doing. If they are required for traveling abroad then we will have to take that into account. However, domestically we are concerned at how potential vaccine passports could affect groups in our country that have not been able to access the vaccine yet. We cannot have access to services linked to vaccination if it has not had the chance to reach all groups.

We will also have to be influenced by what is being done in the rest of the country and the Scottish and UK Governments should be working together to ensure that any system that is put in place is the same throughout the UK.

What’s important now is that everyone gets vaccinated. Vaccines are our best route to reducing restrictions, returning life closer to normal and rebuilding Scotland’s communities.