President Putin has unleashed a full-scale invasion of Ukraine by land, sea and air. This is a premeditated and wholly unprovoked attack on a sovereign democratic state. My thoughts are with the Ukrainian people and their President, who have shown incredible defiance, courage and patriotism in the face of foreign aggression.
The UK and allies have been clear all along that there would be a severe cost for any further Russian military incursion into Ukraine.
The UK Government had led the way in encouraging the West to impose the most severe and coordinated package of sanctions Russia has ever faced in response to Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.
The Prime Minister has said that nothing is “off the table” when it comes to the UK’s support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and indeed the desire of its people to live in peace, democracy and free from foreign aggression.
Putin must fail. I am assured that the UK Government, standing alongside our friends in Ukraine and allies around the world, using all possible means at its disposal, is urgently engaged on ensuring he does fail. Please be assured that I am following these efforts closely.