Scottish food commission

The Scottish Conservatives supported establishing a food commission as part of the Good Food Nation Bill. An independent commission will provide more scrutiny of the Scottish Government’s Good Food Nation Plans and will consult widely with stakeholders, from agricultural organisations right through to prison boards
to ensure that Good Food Nation Plans are delivered for Scotland.
The SNP Government are already supportive of the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland, which has already had a successful role and we are pleased to see that this will be replicated with a food commission. It will be vital in influencing the direction of good food nation plans. My colleagues Rachael Hamilton MSP and Finlay Carson MSP voted in favour of an amendment calling for the establishment of a food commission during committee discussions around stage 2 of the Good Food Nation Bill, and although disappointed that the Scottish Conservative amendment did not pass at stage 3, we are pleased to see that there will be a Scottish Food Commission that will improve good food nation plans.