Scottish Conservative policies on health and social care

Despite the heroic efforts of NHS staff, Scotland’s NHS is ailing after 15 years of SNP control. Cancer waiting time targets have not been met for nearly a decade, while A&E waiting times have sunk to their worst ever level. And if that wasn’t bad enough, life expectancy is now going backwards in Scotland.
Our cherished NHS is in crisis because it is simply not getting the support it needs to rebuild after the pandemic. The SNP’s plan to tackle the backlog amounts to nothing more than a flimsy pamphlet; seven months have since passed and it’s already clear that there has been no positive impact on waiting times.
The Scottish Conservatives are the only party strong enough to beat the SNP across Scotland. To demonstrate that we are building Scotland’s real alternative, we are bringing forward a suite of policies across all portfolios. At last year’s election, we committed to bring forward an NHS Future Funding Bill to protect NHS funding,
as well as a Local Healthcare Guarantee to restore a presumption against SNP centralisation and protect local services.
As we learn to live with Covid-19, we have held the SNP Government to account for their failure to trust the Scottish people and businesses to make the right decisions for them. To support our thinking, we published a paper in February this year, ‘Back to Normality’, which outlined our vision for living with Covid-19. I’m pleased that the SNP Government went on to accept many of our recommendations, despite incorrectly initially describing them as ‘reckless’.
On social care, we remain deeply concerned by the SNP’s proposals for a National Care Service, which risk starving local communities out of local social care provision. That is why we have proposed a Local Care Service to ensure that support is delivered as close as possible to those who need it, especially in rural and island communities.