Scottish Conservative national tutoring scheme

Because young people have missed out on months of school, made worse by the SNP’s continued failure to deliver remote learning properly, the Scottish Conservatives would introduce a £35 million national tutoring
This national tutoring programme will enable teachers to identify pupils that need extra support, and allow them to make progress if they have fallen behind during Covid-19. This proposal has received the backing of a number of education experts, including Lindsay Paterson from the University of Edinburgh.
Under our plans supply teachers, student teachers and other qualified tutors would provide one-to-one and small group tutoring to pupils. We would also like to ensure that ringfenced funding was available for schools to support this scheme, and that schools should be able to choose from a list of tutors.
The service is designed so that all pupils can access tutoring services, no matter their financial position. The Scottish Conservatives want to open-up the opportunities to everyone to get the support they need to maximise
their potential.