Scottish Cluster

The Scottish Cluster is a project the Scottish Conservatives strongly believe in. Although it is unfortunate it was not selected as one of the track-1 clusters, we continue to strongly believe in the abilities of this project.
It was announced as the only reserve cluster, meaning that it performed at a good standard and, as such, the UK Government will continue to engage with the Scottish Cluster throughout track-2 of the sequencing process. This ensures it can continue its development and planning. Furthermore, if the UK Government chooses to discontinue engaging with any of the track-1 clusters, it can engage with the Scottish Cluster, instead.
To date, the UK Government has allocated £31million supporting the development of the scheme capable of stripping out 20-30 megatons of carbon dioxide by 2030. Scotland has a world-leading energy sector and the UK Government will continue to invest in its future.
The UK Government has been the only body to acknowledge the strengths of the Scottish Carbon Capture Usage and Storage. Even though the SNP claims to support CCUS, its coalition partners, the Greens, do not. The Greens would scrap this project in its entirety.