Road infrastructure upgrades/ maintenance

Driving is an essential form of travel across many parts of Scotland where public transport is too expensive, impractical, or not available.
The Scottish Conservatives believe that roads play a vital role in connecting Scotland and require significant amounts of ongoing investment to meet the changing needs of our population. It is disappointing to see that the SNP Government is now rowing back on commitments to upgrade key road links across Scotland.
We continue to call on the government to carry out vital improvements to our roads, including but not limited to the A77, A75, A82, A90, A96 and A9. Improving these roads will help to reduce congestion, make driving quicker and improve safety on our major roads.
Local roads are in a state of disrepair across Scotland due to the SNP’s underfunding of our local councils. The Scottish Conservatives would ensure that councils receive fair funding so that they have the resources they need to properly maintain and expand local road networks.
While we want to tackle climate change and reduce emissions, we do not believe that this can be realistically achieved in many parts of Scotland by reducing the use of cars, which many people rely on for commuting and traveling. That is why the Scottish Conservatives are pushing the SNP Government to rollout Scotland’s electric vehicle charging network faster. Currently we only have 2558 EV re-charging points, when 30,000 will be required by 2030, when petrol and diesel vehicles will no longer be sold.