Restrictions in Schools

It is completely unacceptable that, with restrictions easing across Scotland, the SNP Government are insisting on school children effectively having fewer freedoms than adults. With nightclubs now opening, and mass gatherings once again being permitted, it is nonsensical that children aged over 12 will still be required to wear face masks throughout the school day.

School pupils have already had their education disrupted by lockdowns, school closures and two years of examination fiascos. Throughout this pandemic, all of Scotland’s political parties have agreed that children’s education must come first when looking at lifting restrictions. However, the SNP Government are instead leaving children to last.

The Scottish Conservatives have held the SNP Government accountable throughout the pandemic in order to ensure that young people’s education and well-being is protected. The Scottish Conservatives have continuously called for facemasks in the classroom to no longer be a requirement, urging the 2022 National Exam diet to go-ahead, and in-person teaching.

The Scottish Conservatives will continue to hold this SNP Government to account and ensure that these continued restrictions on young people’s freedoms are lifted as soon as possible. Our young people have suffered enough throughout this pandemic, and they deserve better than the heavy-handed, disproportionate treatment they are receiving from this SNP Government.