Residential outdoor centres

Scotland’s residential outdoor centres have suffered greatly throughout the pandemic.
The Scottish Conservatives recognise that these centres provide experiences that enrich the lives of young people, providing them with a knowledge and appreciation of environments and communities other than those with which they are most familiar, and that they help build confidence and self-esteem.
Scottish Conservative MSP, Liz Smith, has spoken out several times in support of residential outdoor centres and has launched the formal consultation period on her Member’s Bill that seeks to guarantee that every 12 to 16-year-old experience at least one week of residential outdoor education in their school career.
After a difficult two years that have damaged many young people’s mental health, outdoor education is needed more than ever.
The SNP Government can’t allow for outdoor centres to close down due to Covid-19, otherwise we would be guilty of discriminating against a whole generation of young people whose education would be devoid of something special which complements what can be learnt in the classroom.