Reintroduction of beavers

I want to see a more nature rich Britain, with further action to bend the curve of species loss in this country. I am pleased that the Government is committed to recovering threatened species and continue to provide opportunities for successful reintroductions. Beavers can bring many benefits to rivers such as being good for
fish and they also have benefits to the environment, but it is important that reintroductions are carried out properly and fully take biodiversity as well as social and economic impacts into account.
The Scottish Conservatives want to see beavers introduced in a sensible and beneficial manner and the reintroduction of the species should be undertaken in a controlled and managed way that does not damage rural property or businesses. If not managed and introduced properly, beavers can cause damage to farms and businesses and the Scottish Government should be doing everything it can to avoid this.
The Scottish Government have previously committed that NatureScot would deliver a mitigation scheme for land and fisheries managers to manage the negative impacts of beaver activity. Beavers are found in over 25 European countries and techniques for managing them are well developed but despite this, the mitigation scheme has been slow to establish and support the delivery of tried and tested measures.
There have also been ongoing delays in exploring innovative solutions and insufficient evaluation of any implemented mitigation. The Scottish Government must step this up and find innovative mitigation solutions and improve mitigation in general.
We all, including this SNP-Green Government, must act responsibly to protect rural Scotland. We must recognise the damage that the reintroduction of species, such as beavers, can be very detrimental if undertaken in an uncontrolled way. Natural translocation of beavers can be a way forward for introducing beavers in a
manner which helps farmers avoid damage to property and land.