Proposed future catching policy

The Scottish Conservatives support the Scottish fishing industry and understand its importance to coastal communities.

We want to see Scotland’s fishing industry thrive and for our coastal communities to see the full benefits of our increased domestic catch as a result of leaving the Common Fisheries Policy. However it is vital for the industry that fishing is carried out in a sustainable manner and that we protect the rich biodiversity and natural resources of Scotland’s marine landscape. With proper consultation with fishermen and with proper planning this balance can be achieved in our Future Catching Policy.

The Scottish Conservatives are engaging with representatives of fishing, scientific and environmental groups to find the best solution to some of the issues that our marine environment faces, such as discarding and other sustainability issues. We encourage all groups to submit evidence to the Future Catching Policy consultation to ensure a wide range of opinions are represented.

We will continue to press the Scottish Government to deliver a policy that works for the Scottish fishing industry and also improves our marine environment. We will continue to scrutinise any proposals carefully.