Paint Recycling

Thank you for contacting me about paint recycling.

The Scottish Conservatives are supportive of paint recycling and any initiatives to reduce the high level of paint waste we currently see in Scotland.

Unfortunately, the SNP Government do not have a good record on recycling initiatives generally. The SNP Government pushed back Scotland’s landfill ban until 2025, having been unable to meet their 2021 target, and current recycling rates are at their lowest since 2013 with just 42 per cent of rubbish being sent to recycling in 2020.

The long awaited Deposit Return Scheme has now been delayed twice, having initially been supposed to launch in 2021 but then postponed to 2022 and then further to 2023.

We will continue to push the SNP-Green Government to do more to meet their recycling and environmental targets, both with regards paint recycling and in all areas.