The Scottish Conservatives recognise the important role that nuclear energy plays in meeting Scotland’s energy demands. Over a quarter of our electricity generation comes from nuclear power. At the heart of our approach to Scotland’s energy future is a drive to ensure that we do not become ever more exposed to fossil fuels and energy generated from foreign regimes. These often have a lesser commitment to our strong environmental and regulatory regimes, as well as increasing the cost to the consume

Nuclear energy has also helped households pay lower energy bills. According to the Nuclear Industry Association, from the beginning of September until it shut in January, Hunterston B, alone, has saved consumers £360 million compared to market electricity prices, worth £152 per each Scottish household. In just two weeks over Christmas, the station saved billpayers £28 million, worth £12 for every Scottish household.

The SNP need to detail exactly how they will fulfil Scotland’s energy demands without the next generation of nuclear power stations. The worst outcome would be scrapping thousands of Scottish jobs in the nuclear sector, while increasing our reliance on fossil fuels from foreign markets.  

This isn’t an ‘either or’ choice. Scotland will need renewable and non-renewable energy sources for decades to come. We cannot shut down an energy source we rely on with no plan for its replacement.

The Scottish Conservatives will continue to push for a practical transition to net zero that protects Scottish jobs and maintains Scottish energy self-sufficiency, including using a mix of traditional and green energy sources.