Metastatic Breast Cancer Audit

Thank you for getting in touch regarding an audit of Metastatic Breast Cancer in Scotland. 

The Scottish Conservatives are committed to ensuring that all kinds of cancer are detected and treated as early as possible. In our latest manifesto, we pledged to speed up the delivery of Early Cancer Diagnostic Centres. These centres allow the early screening of cancer to be prioritised, and we were happy to see the SNP adopt our policy and open these centres around the country.

Furthermore, when Cancer screenings and operations largely stopped at the beginning of the pandemic, we were very vocal in calling for these services to restart. As serious as Covid is, and continues to be, it is essential that we give people the best cancer treatment possible. 

We have also held the SNP to account when they consistently fail to meet cancer referral waiting times. The latest data from July to September shows only 83 percent of patients are being treated within 62 days of referral. This is a long way off the 95 percent target the SNP has set. The government’s failure to meet this target means cancer patients across Scotland continue to be let down by the SNP. 

Over 4,000 woman in Scotland are diagnosed with cancer every year, and better use of data will help us intervene early and stop the spread of Metastatic Breast Cancer. We would fully support the SNP following the UK and Welsh Government’s lead in joining the National Metastatic Breast Cancer Audit.

I will continue to hold the SNP to account on their failure to treat cancer patients.