Long Covid

Across Scotland, it is estimated that over 150,000 people are suffering from long Covid. Of these, 64,000 have been experiencing symptoms for more than a year, with 38,000 reporting that it is having a significant impact on their daily activities.
Sadly, the SNP Government are not treating long Covid with the urgency it requires, with the number of those suffering for more than a year having doubled in just six months. Despite this, there is still no network of long Covid clinics in Scotland, while the funding promised by the SNP is being distributed too slowly, and is not
significant enough to touch the sides of the problem.
People in Scotland with long Covid are missing out on specialist centres. Despite over 90 clinics existing in England and across other areas of the UK, the SNP Government have failed to offer Scots an equivalent level of treatment and support.
Last year, we published a paper outlining key recommendations to tackle long Covid in Scotland. Our proposals include a network of long Covid clinics, alongside a new app-based treatment service, which would ensure we reach everyone struggling with this debilitating condition.
The SNP must get on top of long Covid now before it spirals and has serious knock-on consequences for other services in our NHS.