I believe that the United Kingdom should have control over immigration, and sovereignty over its borders. For these reasons, I am in favour of an Australian-style points system to be implemented on immigration. This will allow us to decide who we let into our country on the basis of what skills they can contribute, not where they come from. This will allow us to prioritise skilled workers, English speakers, and those who could contribute to priority professions, such as doctors and nurses. It will also mean we have a clear idea of who is coming in and out of our country.

I am also in favour of preventing illegal immigration, such as those seen in the channel crossings from France. The Scottish Conservatives support the UK Government in their efforts to end illegal crossings, and are working with French authorities to prevent these illegal crossings into our country. Over 28,300 people have made the crossing last year, and I believe our efforts to end these crossings will not only protect our borders, but will protect migrants from dangerous crossings and stop people smugglers taking advantage of those who try to come here by illegal means.