Health and Wellbeing Census 2021

The basis for the claim that the age of consent will be lowered to 13 is from the SNP Government’s Health and Wellbeing Census which asks deeply disturbing and personal questions about children’s sex lives and it is completely inappropriate, but there are no plans for the age of consent to be lowered in Scotland in law.

The SNP Government have begun distributing their controversial Health and Wellbeing Census to local authorities. It asks young people personal questions regarding sex, drugs and alcohol.

As local councils are involved in the distribution of the survey you can contact councillors in your local area and make your feelings known to them. Some have refused to distribute the survey because they share your strong feelings over this issue.

The Scottish Conservatives have called on the SNP Government to withdraw this survey and remove its inappropriate questions. A number of the questions are overly intrusive and inappropriate for children to answer. It is clear that the nature of the census is not fit for purpose.

With long-standing issues such as a widening attainment gap and rock-bottom literacy and numeracy skills, the SNP Government should prioritise resolving these issues, that they have failed to do in 15 years. Administering this inappropriate survey to pupils is not the best use of a teacher’s time.

Going forward, the Scottish Conservatives will continue to hold this SNP Government to account to ensure that young people and their education are a priority.