Green Jobs

The Scottish Conservatives believe few things are as urgent as tackling the climate emergency and preventing its disastrous consequences for people all over the world, and so we support Scotland reaching net zero emissions by 2045.

If we want to achieve this vital target, we have to focus on adapting our economy. The SNP have so far failed to invest in energy efficiency and the circular economy. That is why the Scottish Conservatives would embark on a national mission to deliver green growth over the next five years.

Over the course of the next Parliament, we would spend £2.5 billion on making all buildings energy efficient and powered by low carbon heating systems. We would also introduce a Circular Economy Bill to cut down on waste across our economy and create new jobs in recycling and the production of low emissions materials.

We would ensure that the Scottish Government is a partner in the North Sea Transition Deal. This deal will see the UK Government and the oil and gas sector jointly investing up to £16 billion to reduce emissions in the oil and gas industry and support 40,000 jobs. We would ensure that the Scottish Government is a partner in the Deal to support supply chain businesses in the transition and as part of our proposals to deliver a fair share for the North East – so that no one is left behind.

The SNP keep making grand promises to tackle the climate crisis and create new green jobs – but time and again they miss targets and fail to deliver. The Scottish Conservatives will put the environment at the heart of our plan to rebuild Scotland’s communities from this pandemic.

I was particularly disappointed that the SNP missed their own legal emissions targets for 2018, with source emissions actually rising 1.5 per cent from 2017 to 2018. The SNP are also on track to break their flagship recycling pledge and spectacularly miss their renewable heat target. The SNP have also completely dropped their commitment to create a new, publicly owned energy company.