Free school meals

Innumerable studies have shown the importance of children being properly fed to their educational attainment. The Scottish Conservatives therefore believe that the provision of free school lunches should be extended to all primary school pupils. This would help ensure that all primary school pupils are not too hungry to learn. This would also help to remove the sigma that stops some pupils from claiming the free school lunches that they are entitled to.

However, much of the school day takes place before lunch. If we believe that well-fed children engage better with schooling, then we cannot ignore those that do not get a breakfast before school. According to the non-profit organisation, Magic Breakfast, Scotland has the lowest level of breakfast provision of all four UK nations, with 41 per cent of schools in Scotland having no breakfast provision.

That’s why the Scottish Conservatives also want to see free school breakfasts to be available for all primary and special school pupils to guarantee that children aren’t going hungry and are ready to learn.