Ferguson Marine/Ferries

When the SNP Government hired Tim Hair as ‘turnaround director’ in 2019, they claimed it was in order to revitalise Ferguson Marine. Instead taxpayers have been hit with a bill of over £1 million in order to cover his salary.

Instead of ferries being produced here in Scotland, they are instead produced in Eastern Europe and in Turkey.

In the meantime, passengers are being faced with delays and cancellations because of aging ferries, and just recently the SNP government chose to spend £9 million on what has been described as a small and slow second-hand and diesel-powered ferry from Norway. 

The SNP Government’s inability to get to grips with the situation at Ferguson Marine, and their repeated failures regarding the shipyard, has resulted in them repeatedly failing island communities.

As ever, there was little consideration from the SNP for quality or consistency of service, nor cost to the taxpayer, and I would urge them to consider the needs of passengers and islanders over political dogma.