Environmental protections

The Scottish Conservatives believe few things are as urgent as tackling the climate emergency and preventing its disastrous consequences for people all over the world, and so we support Scotland reaching net zero emissions by 2045.
Our natural environment is Scotland’s greatest asset, and we must do everything we can to protect and nurture it – so it can be enjoyed by future generations. But in recent decades we have experienced catastrophic loss of species and their habitats, accelerated by climate change. That’s why the Scottish Conservatives support plans
for an ambitious Nature Bill, to strengthen environmental protections on land, in our rivers and at sea – so that we can reverse the decline in native species.
We are open to discussions on the idea of divesting from fossil fuels, though this needs to be at a stage in our transition when it will not put jobs, particularly in the North East, at risk. In our manifesto we put forward plans to back business and create green jobs to meet our climate targets. This included a Help to Renovate scheme that would offer loans and grants to support the transition to energy efficiency. Reaching Net Zero will also involve reducing toxic gases such as methane.
Disappointingly, the SNP keep making grand promises to tackle the climate crisis – but time and again they miss targets. I was disappointed that they missed their own legal emissions targets three years in a row before the pandemic.
I agree that moving forward polices and targets must be translated into immediate action.