Energy Prices and Fuel Poverty

The UK Government has taken important measures to prevent households from falling into fuel poverty. Thanks to the Chancellor Rishi Sunak, the £200 repayable discount, in October will help households mitigate the effects of growing energy prices.  In total the UK Government is going to help around 28m households this year, across the UK. The Chancellor has also provided Scotland with £290 million in Barnett Consequentials to address the cost of living crisis. Taken together, this is a plan to help with the cost of living worth around £9 billion.

The SNP Government’s actions, such as opposing new oil and gas fields and their opposition to nuclear energy risk further increasing the price of energy by making us more reliant on volatile foreign markets, since we will be forced to purchase more energy from foreign regimes. 

Moving forward the UK Government will continue to engage with industry in order to seek a workable plan that will protect households from continuing volatility of energy prices as far as possible.