Electric vehicles

The SNP’s target to phase out new petrol and diesel cars by early next decade will not be met unless action is stepped up now. The latest statistics from Transport Scotland indicate that there are only 2558 electric vehicle re-charging points across Scotland at a time when the Climate Change Committee has signalled that we would need 30,000 such points by 2030. That means that 4000 new points must be installed each year.
That is why the Scottish Conservatives support an ambitious new electric vehicle action plan. Such a plan is required to take Scotland into the next phase of the rollout and deliver an adequate national charging infrastructure by 2025. Along with public charging points, we support subsidising the installation of EV charging points in homes and workplaces. We also call on the Scottish Government to review barriers to the installation of charging points outside flats, and to require all new large developments to incorporate charging points. Subsidies to make electric vehicles more affordable to consumers must also continue, including for used vehicles.
I know that Ofgem, as the independent regulator, uses the price control framework to ensure that electricity network companies provide the required infrastructure to deliver the capacity to meet both current and future demand on the network. However, differences in the geography of different regions leads to differences in
prices as it is more challenging for electricity to reach certain areas. Similarly, petrol stations ,charge different amounts at different stations. It is our view that people in remote and rural areas should not be penalised for where they live. Therefore, where possible, we support prices being equalised across Scotland and the UK.