EIS-Further Education Lecturers Association strike action

The Scottish Conservatives are grateful for the work of further education institutions and their staff who have worked incredibly hard over the past two years, as Scotland has gone through the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and prior.

Pay negotiations have been ongoing since June last year, when EIS-FELA submitted the pay claim to Colleges Scotland. More recently, from the weeks beginning 9 May, 15 May, and 22 May, members of the EIS-FELA are striking for one day per week. They will then increase this to two days in the weeks beginning 29 May and 5 June. EIS-FELA will then increase this to three days a week from 12 June until the end of the academic year. The strikes will also run in conjunction with action short of strikes.

However, the Scottish Conservatives also recognise that colleges are facing a budget cut of £51.9 million due to the SNP Government’s 2022-23 budget. This includes a cut of £23.9 million due to inflation, and an additional £28 million due to the loss of Covid-19 funding. 

The Scottish Conservatives do not want to see education further disrupted and urge Colleges Scotland to engage with staff and unions with a view to resolving longstanding pay concerns. The SNP Government must also listen to the concerns that continued budget pressures affecting recruitment, staff workload and course quality and choice. 

All sides need to get around the table and work together, to avoid Scotland’s students being impacted.