Downing Street Christmas Party

The Prime Minister has asked the Cabinet Secretary to undertake an investigation into what happened on 27 November and 18 December 2020 in Downing Street, and on 10 December 2020 at the Department for Education and there will be disciplinary action taken against any staff who were involved. It is clear that at least one Christmas party took place, and this investigation must rapidly establish why that was allowed to happen, against the restrictions that were then in place.

However, the behaviour that we have already seen from some staff was completely unacceptable. The public have made incredible sacrifices last and this year to slow the spread of coronavirus, including being unable to meet with friends and family and celebrate Christmas in the usual way. They are right to feel angry that they were let down and I share that anger.

The rules that were and are still in place to tackle the coronavirus pandemic apply to everyone, without exception, and it is essential that all of us continue to follow the public health guidance.