Deposit Return Scheme (DRS)

The Scottish Conservatives recognise the climate emergency and the need to reduce our impact on the environment. We believe that a circular economy and DRS are part of the solution and support the implementation.
Deposit Return Schemes can increase the amount of disposable drinks containers being returned for recycling and help tackle litter for those items. We would like to see a well-designed, accessible and fair DRS that operates throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. One which offers benefits in terms of consumer behaviour change and jobs in reprocessing and manufacturing of DRS machines.
Even though the scheme was scheduled to be delivered in 2022, Lorna Slater has now confirmed the scheme is now due in 2023. This is shaping up to be yet another embarrassing SNP failure on the environment. The SNP-Green coalition need to start prioritising the policies they campaigned on, instead of treating them as afterthoughts to their obsession with independence.