Covid-19 plastic test kits

I acknowledge that these plastics are not biodegradable and can cause environmental damage. My colleagues and I recognise the harm that plastic can cause when not disposed of properly, and agree that it is crucial that everybody does all they can to reduce the amount of plastic waste they generate.

At the same time, however, home testing kits have been a vital part of our battle against Covid-19. Not only have these kits enabled many people to identify when they may have had Covid and isolate before they spread it further, they now mean that many people who would have previously been required to self-isolate as a precaution are able to go about their daily lives.  We strongly encourage everybody to continue to perform home tests as when required by the public health guidance.

To address the issue of plastics we are calling on the SNP Government to take urgent action to improve Scotland’s recycling rate. It is abysmal that less than half of Scottish waste is recycled and rates are the lowest since 2013.