Council Tax

It is essential that our public services are properly funded, however we should not seek to burden people with higher taxes. The SNP have made Scotland the highest taxed part of the UK.
Unfortunately, the SNP-Greens Government budget has ended the Council Tax freeze while at the same time dealing our councils a real-terms cut in core funding of £371 million. This decision was both cynical and calculating – it has left our councils with the choice between hiking Council Tax or slashing services.
Local taxation is required to meet the specific needs of the local community from which it is raised. The Scottish Conservatives are the party of fair taxation and all our councillors try to make sure council tax bills stay as low as possible despite savage SNP cuts to council budgets.
I do recognise that councils need mechanisms to raise local funds and that it is important to keep engaging and analysing effective ways of raising local money for local use.
That’s why the Scottish Conservatives would introduce fair funding for our councils, so that they receive a set proportion of the Scottish Government’s budget each year – in the same way Scotland receives funding from the UK Government.
We would also invest £550 million directly into Scottish communities through Community Investment Deals. We would back projects that can create skilled local jobs in communities across Scotland. The communities could bid for up to £25 million each to invest in growth opportunities. We envision this benefitting at least 25
communities across Scotland in the first tranche.
The SNP have grabbed cash from our local authorities for years while they have been focused on another independence referendum.
The Scottish Conservatives will focus on rebuilding our communities from this pandemic by funding our local services fairly.