Cladding on Buildings

We all remember the awful scenes from the Grenfell Fire, and we should be doing all we can to stop anything like that from happening again. This will mean that some buildings in Scotland will need to be reclad, but we believe it would be unfair to expect homeowners and lease holders to be expected to foot the bill for this work.

That is why we welcome the decision from the UK government to place the obligation on developers to pay for recladding buildings, which will protect homeowners and leaseholders from these costs. We would urge the SNP to do the same in Scotland. 

The SNP Government’s record on cladding is very weak. The SNP have still not banned flammable cladding in Scotland. Flammable cladding was banned in England over three years ago, so there is no excusable reason why we cannot do the same in Scotland. 

The SNP have also given no certainty to homeowners or lease holders over whether they will be made to pay for recladding on flats. It should be incumbent on developers to make sure their homes are safe and secure. Simply put, the people of Scotland should not have to pay to feel safe in their own homes that they bought or leased in good faith. 

The Scottish Conservatives would undertake an extensive audit to identify all buildings where combustible cladding is used, not just high-rise properties, and support remedial work where it is needed.

We have called upon the SNP to offer clarity to homeowners and lease holders and to ban combustible cladding as soon as possible. Like so many other issues, the SNP have dithered and delayed for far too long, putting thousands of lives at risk. The people of Scotland deserve better.