There is significant and increasing concern among charities and experts at the negative impact the pause on cancer services and screening has had on cancer patients’ outcomes in Scotland.
The number of people being sent on an urgent referral for suspected cancer reportedly dropped by 72 per cent during the early stage of the pandemic. Clearly, that is now having an impact on the number of people being referred for treatment.
Early treatment is key to tackling cancer, which is why it is so concerning that it has been almost a decade since the SNP Government last met their target for 95% of patients to begin cancer treatment within 62 days of referral. And shockingly, the most recent figures showing the SNP Government in breach of their own
target in over a fifth of cases.
In the Scottish Parliament I will monitor the situation closely, and will continue to call on the Health Secretary to bring forwards a more credible plan for NHS recovery. It’s clear the existing plan is failing to deliver any kind of tangible improvements, so new proposals are urgently required.