Cambo/Jackdaw and new oil and gas fields

The Scottish Conservatives believe few things are as urgent as tackling the climate emergency and preventing its disastrous consequences for people all over the world, and so we support Scotland reaching net zero emissions by 2045.
We need to gradually reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy sources, rather than take knee jerk decisions that will see us import oil and gas from other countries which would lead to increased pollution, but will not create jobs in Scotland.
We need to recognise the importance of the oil and gas sector as a major employer, and just turning off the taps on that right now would cause significant economic harm. Scotland’s oil and gas sector is a major employer supporting over 100,000 jobs. As mentioned above, we need to transition away from non-renewable energy sources eventually but we need to do that gradually and sensibly in a way that ensures we protect those jobs and deliver a real future for the sector and the North East. The North Sea oil and gas sector can have a decades long future, even as we reduce emissions.
Furthermore, Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine has shown that it has become more important than ever that we have a secure domestic supply as part of our future energy mix if we are to meet our future energy needs. The [Jackdaw/Cambo] field will help provide this energy security during the transition to net zero, without leaving us dependent on volatile and more polluting foreign imports.
The Scottish Government’s obligation should be to bring Scotland in as a full partner in the North Sea Transition Deal, to protect jobs and reduce emissions in that sector. We would support emerging renewable technologies, such as tidal, and expand Scotland’s pumped hydroelectric energy storage and carbon capture capacity.