Bin strikes

It is unacceptable to see rubbish piling up on our streets. Not only does this risk embarrassing Edinburgh, at a time when the internationally renowned Festival is taking place for the first time since 2019, but it also risks spreading disease, as large amounts of rubbish can lead to increased levels of vermin. This week we have
seen the bin strikes being extended to other council areas as the unions continue their pay dispute with local authorities.
While we do not accept that strike action should be used to hold government and the public to ransom, it is clear that the SNP Government need to get a grip of this situation. They have contributed to this situation by underfunding our local authorities for more than a decade.
As these strikes affect more and more parts of Scotland, it is urgent that the SNP take a direct role in leading these talks and negotiating a deal to end the strikes. If that requires additional resources to be given to local councils for a deal, then they should provide them with that funding.
In the interests of public health, our environment and our economy we need to see an end to these strikes as soon as possible.